Rich Gordon – Piper for all occasions


I have been playing the bagpipes for over 25 years and has performed at countless events of all sorts, with several TV appearances.  A passionate bagpiper with a large repertoire, I take a great deal of pride in my performance and strive to deliver the best service I possibly can to all my clients.

I am also a recommended bagpiper with Balbirnie House Hotel, Hilton by Doubletree Dunblane Hydro, Stirling Court Hotel, Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort, Bachilton Barn and Turin Castle.

I am available for all occasions – weddings, funerals, parties, etc., and serve Dundee and Angus, Fife, Perthshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Central Scotland, the Scottish Highlands and Aberdeenshire, and into England and Wales if required.


What I can do for you

All kinds of events, different kinds of bagpipe and a selection of outfits.

A choice of outfits

Depending on your requirements, I have a selection of outfits including Full No1 Highland Dress and a traditional Highland “Outlander” style outfit.

Full No 1 Highland Dress in Gordon Modern tartan. White spats. Feathered bonnet or Glengarry cap.

Rich stands on the rocks at Edinburgh Castle wearing full No 1 Highland Dress in Gordon Weathered Tartan

Full No 1 Highland Dress in Gordon Weathered tartan. Buckle brogues. Feathered bonnet or Glengarry cap.

Number 2 Highland Dress with either Gordon Weathered or Gordon Modern tartan. Brown jacket and waistcoat, brown brogues. Glengarry cap.

Feileadh Mor (Great kilt) with Jacobite shirt, rough, brown period waistcoat, putties, brown boots. Flat Jacobean cap and basket-hilt sword (if desired).

A choice of bagpipes

Different pipes to suit different environments 

Other instruments

I make lots of other noise too. Fill your event with sounds of me.

See how I can help

Drop me a message with all your details and I’ll see if I can help. You’ll be put in touch with the team at Hireaband.

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